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Do you think your lesson plan is futuristic and smart enough ? (The big dilemma: Generation X,Y are leading generation Z)

Do you think your lesson plan is futuristic and smart enough ? (The big dilemma :Generation X,Y are leading generation Z) Teaching in the 21st century means not only making the students aware of the talent ,the capacity that they have ,but also helping them to be successful and manage to survive in this new world surrounded by AI. Supporting them to discover the confidence to practice those skills in his very own world is such a great victory for a teacher . A teacher should know himself and the qualifications of his generation ,accordingly the characteristic of the generation that he has been teaching. As the students are a click away the information they need (and they do not need(!) , 21st century teaching should focus on making sense of that information, sharing and using it in smart ways. In order to achieve FUTURISTIC LESSON PLAN a teacher first aware of himself and his students characteristics Who are the teachers ? What generations do the teachers belong to ? What are the characteristic of them? Generation X (1965-1980) • believe in hard work, • MTV generation who experiences the emergence of different type of music. • in to labels and brands • have strong work ethic • balance • pragmatism • highly educated • patient • respect to authority Generation Y (1981-1995) • Tech savvy • Greatly ambitious • Multi task • Individuality in the center • Online approach to life • Armed with smartphones, laptops • First generation of digital natives • Realism • Self confident • Eager to spend money Who are the students ? Generation Z (1996-2015) • Digital natives • Less focused • Better multi-task • More Entrepreneurial • More Global • Social media and texting is in the center • Less traditional • Transparent What are the 21 st century skills to be improved ? 1. Critical thinking 2. Creativity 3. Collaboration 4. Communication 5. Information literacy 6. Media literacy 7. Technology literacy 8. Flexibility 9. Leadership 10. Initiative 11. Productivity 12. Social skills You as a teacher mission to consider these skills while you are planning your lessons. What kind of lesson plan help the teachers to connect with their students and build a bridge between themselves and the new high tech generation ? To make a lesson more tech and smart: Warm up and Icebreakers (different activities will be advised) Reading (different tools will be advised) Writing (different tools will be advised) Listening (different tools will be advised) Finally 10 points a futuristic smart lesson plan should 1. Provide flexible schedules. 2. Skip the annual performance review. 3. Embrace a tech-centered workplace. 4. Plan for in-person interaction. 5. Expect to provide more structure and direction. 6. Reevaluate formal education. 7. Have a plan for their professional growth. 8. Set clear expectations. 9. Make them feel valued in and out of the classroom 10. Be transparent Finally in the smart society of future , quantum world where hyper connectivity, artificial intelligence is in the center of the world if your teaching spirit is not coming from your heart how much your lesson plan is futuristic does not have any value or impact.

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